Friday, August 10, 2018

Hiking Lonesome Bay State Forest

Hiking Lonesome Bay State Forest
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Did you know that St. Lawrence County (upstate New York) has 43 State Forests? We have only visited a few so far but figured that the Lonesome Bay State Forest was worth blogging since it is located so close to the river (and Black Lake!).  

In fact, we have heard you can even access it by boat from Black Lake. Like other State Forests it does not have any specific hiking trails. However this beautiful 1,122 acre forest has an approximately 2-mile long access road running right through the middle of it that makes for an easy and lovely hike.  We discovered that you can drive in (at least this time of year) and park at any of several pull offs at the side of the road and just get out and walk this well maintained road. Note that also like other state forests, it is easy to get lost if one wanders off the road (so please don't, or don't blame us if you do). 

But the Alamogin road takes you through a variety of terrains including forest, meadow, and wetland.  From beginning to end, this is a four mile hike with two miles to Black Lake and then back.  Our hike was lovely. And we never saw a single other person or car so it really has the feel of being away from it all (yet is less than five miles from Hammond NY). 
To find Lonesome Bay State Forest from Hammond, head south on Route 37 for .88 mile and turn left onto Route 31. Continue for 2.78 miles and turn left onto Alamogin Road for 1.59 miles. A parking area will be on the right just before a gate (which we would guess is closed seasonally). 
For a map visit the DEC website at

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