Friday, June 1, 2018

Hiking Foster Blake Preserve

Foster Blake Woods Preserve 
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The Foster Blake Woods Preserve is another one of the newer hiking trails opened by TILT.  We can't really outdo TILT's own description of the trail:  "The Foster-Blake Woods Preserve is exceptionally beautiful, hosting shoreline cliffs and a mature northern hardwood forest. It features a hiking and cross-country skiing trail that takes advantage of the variety of habitats as well as the river front view that the property has to offer.  A mature Northern Hardwood Forest provides views from rocky bluffs overlooking the St. Lawrence River islands, while pockets of mixed shrub land and hardwoods are scattered across the property. This provides excellent bird habitat for both nesting and foraging, as well as providing  ample cover for small mammals and upland game birds."

Foster Blake Woods Preserve is located off Rt. 12E. It is about 3.7 miles from Clayton heading toward Cape Vincent. There is a large sign marking the small parking area which is on the right just about across the street from Pelo Road.  

The entire hike is a little over a mile.  We followed the straight path from the main road that took us into the woods. The trail looped through luscious deep forest.  We saw a Pileated Woodpecker hammering on a fallen tree. We stepped a little too close to a covey of quails and watched as they scattered in different directions. There were two scenic places to sit and relax, including an inviting bench located at the bottom of the hill which overlooks the river.  We had a truly lovely hike in the woods. By the time we arrived back at our car we were already talking about how much we wanted to return and do it all again soon!

Thank you Thousand Islands Land Trust (TILT) for your very kind post on your Facebook page:

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