Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Hiking Morgan Island

Hiking Morgan Island
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The Morgan Island Trail is a beautiful .6 mile loop located in Kring Point State Park. Morgan island is accessible by a lovely bridge not far from the main entrance of the State Park which is at the end of Kring Point Road about 7 miles east of Alex Bay. 
While it is not a long hike, it is about as scenic a hike as you can experience here in the Thousand Islands since the loop takes you along the main shipping channel of the St. Lawrence Seaway while meandering around this lovely forested island. 
There are facilities available and also plenty of places to picnic, swim, fish, or just sit and watch ships go by. 

If one wanted a longer hike, the 100-site campground on the mainland is quite scenic, as well, with a view of the river from every site, and a sandy beach for swimming.  But Morgan Island itself is for day use only. In addition to the hiking trails, it has a covered picnic area reserved from Noon to 3:00 PM each day for the local fishing guides for shore dinners. There are also remnants of numerous structures used by the former owners before the island was acquired by NYS. It is definitely worth the visit (and a place we frequently go to hike and explore).

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