Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Hiking Redwood Hill Preserve

Redwood Hill Preserve
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It was only last summer that Bob and I happened upon the hiking trails of the Indian River Lake Conservancy (IRLC). That is probably because several are relatively new. But if you are new to the area, or new to hiking the area, we could not possibly give a higher recommendation for the 51-acre Redwood Hill Preserve located at 44010 Stine Road in Redwood. The main trail is a little over a mile loop (the Seven Oaks Trail). There is  also a shorter Overlook Trail and an accessible trail to their beautiful trailside classroom.

The Overlook Trail takes you to a stunning of Butterfield Lake from the hillside bluff at the edge of the trail. There is a place to sit and just take in the beauty (or a sandwich) before heading on down the Seven Oaks Trail which is most definitely worth the hike. You will wander by several of the most magnificent and majestic old oak trees we have ever seen (better bring a camera). 

The trail follows along the ridge for a while then through the dense woods of hardwoods and white pines. It brings you back to where you started at the octagon-shaped classroom which was completed in 2016. It is used for education and public recreational programs but is open to the public when not in use. When we stopped in, there was also some beautiful photography on display. Though, the building itself is pretty photogenic. 

In our next blog we will take you to the sister property of the IRLC which is a series of trails just across the lake.

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