Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Hiking Chippewa Bay Preserve Trail

Chippewa Bay Preserve Trail
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The Chippewa Bay Preserve Trail is one of the newest additions to the Thousand Islands Land Trust hiking trails. It was opened to the public last summer so we were among some of the first of the general public to experience it.  It is about a mile long loop. Depending which direction you go, you either start out on an old farm path and then head into the woods, or the other way around.


It is a lovely and peaceful hike in the woods on a not-too-well-worn, but well parked path. There are some minor hills to navigate once you get off the straight upper path.  And of course one of the trademark TILT footbridges.  

The trail is part of the Chippewa Bay Preserve which is a sixty-plus acre property that runs along Chippewa Creek.  The TILT page describes it as an “important wetland habitat, protecting lands for wildlife and wildlife movements. Part of a wildlife corridor, that extends from the Adirondack mountains northward across the St. Lawrence and into Algonquin Park, the Preserve helps to provide safe passage as well as excellent habitat for breeding, nesting and feeding wildlife.”

Part of the initial adventure for us was finding the trailhead. We ended up contacting TILT and they gave us detailed instructions which got us right there.  From Rte 12, you can either turn into Chippewa Bay on Church Street or on Rte 6, the Hammond/Chippewa Bay Road. Church Street intersects Rte 6 and then becomes New Road (take a left from Rte 6). You’ll see the Chippewa Bay Preserve sign at the corner.  Drive all the way to the end of the Road.

You will come to the River Bay Adventure Inn. Drive on past and up the slight hill straight ahead.  Just a little farther up the road you will see a parking area on the left and the trailhead straight ahead.  We hope you'll enjoy this lovely walk in the woods as much as we did.

Link to Chippewa Bay Preserve:

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