Friday, July 24, 2009

Cornwall Bros. Museum and Antique Boat Show presentations & Flash Drive prizes.

This is an announcement of Patty Mondore's presentations over the coming week.

Patty will be showing her River-Lations inspirational music video at the Cornwall Brothers Museum in Alexandria Bay NY (36 Market St.) on Thursday, July 30, 2009 at 7 pm. The first five people who report to us (Bob or Patty) and have purchased a Gold-Mountain promoted item[s] from this museum while we are at this event will receive a free new 1 GB Flash Drive if you mention that you saw this blog to us. (The item may be purchased any time of that day, but you must be one of the first five to request the gift from Bob or Patty while we are still at the event).

On Saturday, Aug. 1st, Patty will also have a book signing at the Antique Boat Museum from 12 to 2 pm and then a historical Singer Castle power point presentation follows at 2 pm also at this famous Antique Boat Show in Clayton NY. The first five people that report to us (Bob or Patty) and have purchased from this museum a Gold-Mountain promoted item[s] while we are at these events will also receive a free new 1 GB Flash Drive if you mention that you saw this blog to us. (The item may be purchased any time of that day, but you must be one of the first five to request the gift from Bob or Patty while we are still at the event.)

The final arbiter of winners shall be this blog's author (a temporary list of winners will be kept for reference). Flash drives will be awarded on the spot.

The picture above is of Patty in concert recently at Frink Park, Clayton NY as blogged on July11th.

Examples of Gold-Mountain sponsered multimedia available from these museums (depending on stock):
Dark Island's Castle of Mysteries DVD (the preeminent and richly fascinating historical documentary of Singer Castle on Dark Island).
Singer Castle (the book - Arcadia Press - a history of Singer Castle in pictures).
River-Lations DVD (inspirational music video of the 1000 Islands, including scenes from the Antique Boat Parade in Clayton NY and of Singer Castle).
8/1/09 Post Events Note:
We had an exciting time at all of these events. We got to award many Flash/Thumb-Drive prizes. Thanks everyone for the good turn-out and for helping to support these museums. May you all enjoy our products that you purchased from these museums.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Bourne family, a country music star & antique boat museum

What does a very famous country music star, the Bourne family and the Antique Boat Museum in Clayton NY have in common? According to the Thousand Islands Sun (7/15/09, pg. 26), the Bourne family (progeny of Frederick G. Bourne, of Dark Island fame) owned three Gar Wood Speedsters on the St. Lawrence River. Famous for racing boats in this area, Alfred S. Bourne, George Bourne, and Marjorie Bourne with her husband Alexander Thayer owned Miss Me, Miss Behave and Miss Chief. The current status of the Miss Me is unknown. Miss Behave is in the current collection of the Antique Boat Museum. And Miss Chief will be offered up for auction at the boat show in Clayton on August 1, 2009. Miss Chief was recently owned by the famous country music star, Alan Jackson (pictured above).

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Jorstadt Castle singers to perform in Clayton

For those who remember those wonderful Jorstadt Castle (now Singer Castle) musical days in the past, you may now see Patty Mondore and the Rev. Harvey Jones in a free concert in Frink Park, Clayton NY tomorrow (Sunday, July 12, 2009) starting at 6:30 p.m. Sponsored by the Riverside Theater (as part of the Sunday Sunset Series), donations are accepted but are by no means required. Come one and all for free and bring your own lawn chairs. If the weather does not permit (but so far the forecast looks great), it will be moved to the River Community Church, 38844 Bartlett Point Road in Clayton.

Patty sang her own songs solo and played the piano at the castle for many years. Harvey Jones was the pastor for many years and also sang. Both have produced their own musical CDs.

Pictured above, from left to right: Harvey's wife Flo Jones, Patty Mondore, Wanda (Lou) Wolfe , and Harvey Jones. This picture was taken in Alexandria Bay's Swan Bay Beach Club of which Wanda is the manager and chef extraordinaire (and is a friend of both families).

Post show note: despite the unseasonal cool weather with a strong wind, shouts of "more - more!" and "encore -encore!" were heard from the crowd after Patty finished singing. Harvey also had a very strong performance.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Dark Island's Buoys property in Alexandria Bay NY

As blogged here earlier last week (July 20; see also April 25, 2009), Singer's Castle's newly acquired Buoys Restaurant in Alexandria Bay NY is now occupied by a new tenant. It does not have Singer Castle souvenirs as was originally thought. The new business owner states that she has contracted throughout this season with Dark Island to carry her wares. If you need a plush toy for a child, Tiny Tots toys is the place to go! It is filled with many well known brands. In addition, they also carry new and "gently used" clothes for kids.

You need to check out the beautiful new Singer Castle signs located on the front and left sides of the building. I know the Village Board has been vigorously debating about sign regulations in the town recently, but these are not just advertising signs, these are works of art! You must see them. They are an asset to the town. Location: 34 James Street. (Click on the above picture to get a better view of one of the signs.)