Thursday, October 7, 2010

100 Year Old Visits Castle - Was alive when F.B. Bourne frequented Dark Island in the Golden Age.

Singer Castle on Dark Island

Communique just received directly from Dark Island...

On Saturday, September 4th over 100 members of the Eastman and Nelson families came to Singer Castle on Dark Island to celebrate the marriage of Deborah Eastman and Aaron Nelson. Making Deborah and Aaron’s day even more special was the celebration of her Grandmother Alice Eastman’s 100th birthday.  Mrs. Eastman, a resident of Ellisburg, NY, is the oldest visitor to have ever come to the castle.  At the time of her birth in September of 1910, Frederick Bourne and his family regularly visited Dark Island and he was having workmen add 50’ in length and a second story with living quarters to the North Boathouse.  The 1000 Islands area was in its Golden Age.
Following a beautiful but windswept ceremony in the Rose Garden, Deborah and Aaron’s guests were treated to a delicious dinner and dancing in a large tent that had been erected on the Castle Green.  Any adversity or delays caused by the weather on their special day were met with grace and good humor and when the celebrations concluded all of the guests were safely returned to shore having had a most memorable experience.

Communique by Jean Papke, Administrative to the President of Singer Castle on Dark Island. Photo by Tom Weldon, President. Click on the photo to see it larger.