Friday, April 17, 2009

1000 Islands Castles and other topics.

Theme of this blog:

Singer Castle (formerly known as Jorstadt Castle) on Dark Island, St. Lawrence River, in the Thousand Islands, NY; Boldt Castle on Heart Island in Alexandria Bay, NY; The Antique Boat Museum in Clayton NY, News tidbits of the Thousand Islands region; and occasionally other ruminations.

Blog author: Robert J. Mondore, producer of the popular Singer Castle documentary titled: Dark Island's Castle of Mysteries (copyright © Gold-Mountain). Owner & Producer at . We (Robert and Patty) also wrote the book on Singer Castle (Arcadia Publishing). [And subsequent to this blog, we have released Singer Castle Revisited which contains all new and different information/photos from the past to the present of Dark Island.]

Your participation is welcome and all submissions concerning the 1000 Islands region will be seriously considered for publication on this blog. Send photos or story to: mailbox [at] gold-mountain [dot] com

Disclaimer: This blog has no affiliation with Singer Castle nor Boldt Castle nor any other sites in the 1000 Islands. This is an independent blog. Please check all things with the primary parties before making any plans, decisions, or actions. RE: HIKING blog entries: Hike at your own risk. All information here is from our own experiences and opinions (and links to outside sites). You must do your own research and safety precautions, we are obviously not responsible for your lack of same nor for anything else. Information here is just to whet your interest in doing more study on your own. Hazards are, of course, getting lost, falling, bug bites, poison ivy and the like, etc. (as in all walks of life).