Monday, June 28, 2010

Singer Castle, Dark Island book signing - July 3rd, 2010

As the Thousand Islands Sun newspaper reported in this last week's issue, Robert and Patty Mondore will be having an authors' autograph signing at Singer Castle located on Dark Island July 3rd, 2010 from Noon to 4:00 pm. The featured book will be the Thousand Islands' new sensation, Singer Castle Revisited. Published by the renown Arcadia Publishing Company, this book is not a mere upgrade from the Mondores' previous works, it has all new material and pictures. Just recently released, rave reviews are already pouring in, especially from Frederick G. Bourne's actual decendents, as well as others that have been directly involved with Dark Island, past and present.

Bonus surprises! I will be supplying random prizes and gifts to those visiting us at the book signing table (while supplies last, and they are plentiful!). Purchase more than one item with the Mondore name as authors and receive a free 1 gigabyte thumb drive. Yes, that is a full one gigabyte flash drive. There will also be free gratuities for commemorating Independence Day (4th of July), but remember, this is only at the July 3 book signing from 12:00 noon to 4:00 pm.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Breaking Story! Mysterious H.D.B. identity discovered.

The sensational new book out, Singer Castle Revisited (page 124), exposed to world the mystery of the unknown "H.D.B." who wrote a history of "Dark Island" in the early 1920s for Marjorie Bourne (daughter of Commodore Frederick G. Bourne. F.G. Bourne had the castle built. She later owned the castle for many years and owned it when H.D.B.'s book was authored). The top picture above is of the printed inscription from this unknown author who only went by his initials. Who could it possibly be? No one knew; not the castle owners, nor even Bourne's descendants. The second photo is from the cover itself.

Hot off the press, it looks like the newer book has already inspired the discovery of this mystery person's identity. Kenneth Hard, grandson of F.G. Bourne, tells us that the super sleuth is his son, Gary S. Hard. In his research, Gary found a Dec. 4, 1926 New York Times article that reports about a "Henry D. Bradley of New York, who attended" Marjorie Bourne's marriage ceremony to Alexander D. Thayer in the Episcopal Church of the Messiah, "near Norristown" i.e., Gwynedd Valley PA.

As further evidence, Gary found a Dec. 16, 1973 New York Times article reporting the death of this H.D.B. It states: "Henry D. Bradley, president and retired publisher of the St. Joseph New Press and Gazette and a former director of the Associated Press died [Dec. 14, 1973] ... He was 80 years old." Included in an impressive list of credentials, the article states: "He was general manager of the Norristown (Pa.) Times Herald from 1924 to 1926".

This blog is the first outlet to reveal this exclusive breaking news to the world, which apparently has many afficiandos of the mysterious Dark Island lore in the Thousand Islands. Great work Gary!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Borders Bookstore book signing success!

Thanks to all of you folks who showed up at our book signing at Borders Bookstore today in the Salmon Run Mall, Watertown, NY. We had a lot of fun and good conversation. And many of you received some great surprise gifts from us (including 1 gigabyte thumb drives!). That's what happens when you support our brand; random gifts coming your way! The next book signing will be at the Singer Castle itself on Dark Island July 3rd. Details coming later.

And another special thanks to the crew at Borders Bookstore. They treated us like royalty. What a great bunch of people at the Salmon Run Mall!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Authors book signing at Borders in Watertown NY

I happened to be browsing in the Borders Bookstore in the Salmon Run Mall at Watertown NY a few days ago and saw the above notice on their corkboard.

Surprise, we (Robert and Patty Mondore) will be at the Salmon Run Mall Friday, June 18, 2010 from 4 p.m to 7 p.m autographing copies of the hot new book, Singer Castle Revisted. Mention that you saw this blog and you will receive a great gift from me with the purchase of this book!

The book is published by the famous historical press, the Arcadia Publishing Company. Super reviews are coming in from the initial readers. If you want to be inspired and have any interest in Singer Castle on Dark Island or the Thousand Islands, this book, chock-full of pictures, is a must-see.