Saturday, June 9, 2018

Hiking Morristown Red Barn Preserve Trail

Hiking Morristown Red Barn Preserve Trail
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We interrupt this regularly scheduled hiking blog with a brand new trail we hiked for the first time today. Though the Morristown Red Barn Preserve Trail unofficially opened to the public on May 26th it has not yet had its official grand opening and some of the trail markings aren't even in place. But that said, we had to check it out and are so excited about this new nature trail that we figured we would move it to the top of our list. The Red Barn Preserve is located on River Road East, a short distance beyond the village of Morristown. For those who would like it a little more exact, the coordinates to the main trailhead are N 44 34.713 W 75 39.590. Though, coming out of Morristown there is now a new parking area and a sign for the Blue Heron Rookery Trail which ends up at the Red Barn. The trail is open from dawn to dusk. The Gateway Museum in Morristown has been working closely with the Thousand Island Land Trust (TILT) to develop a system of trails across the property. This is only just the beginning.
We loved the variety of terrain that started with a meadow trail, wandered through a deep forest, and then took us over a newly built 300-foot boardwalk over a beautiful marsh. 

And, yes, the rookery is easily observable in the distance. One has the option of walking back to the car just a short way down the road or turn around and do the whole lovely walk in reverse (which is what we opted to do - it was just as beautiful the second time). We estimate the trail to be about three-quarters of a mile in one direction. Since some off the trail is over a marshy area, the museum recommends wearing waterproof shoes. Again, the trail is so new that the trail markers are still colored ribbons but by the time you visit we are sure that a lot more progress will have been made.  No matter, though, since the natural beauty of this amazing trail is already in place and just waiting to be hiked. But in the near future they will be adding new signage, bench seating, and possibly an observation tower. I guess we’ll have to go back soon! 
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