Saturday, July 7, 2018

Hiking Carnegie Bay Trail

Hiking Carnegie Bay Trail
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We were completely taken by surprise to learn that there is a small nature trail located just outside of Alexandria Bay. In fact, one has to drive into A-Bay to access it. The Carnegie Bay trail is located on Carnegie Bay Road off of High Street which is a right turn on Walton Street heading into the Bay from Rt 12E. It was apparently created, in part, through a NYS Environmental Protection Fund grant. We heard about the trail from the A-Bay website but found very little information about what to expect.
We were delighted to find a true nature trail down a fairly wide mowed path through a variety of terrains. It starts in an open meadow filled with wildflowers and then breaks off in several directions. From what we could tell there is no trail map, and a little over two miles of wandering and looping trails.

We headed toward what looked the most foresty and had a nice walk in the woods before coming to a road (most of the other trails don't end at a road). We followed the road to the golf course and then found another trailhead behind the clubhouse which took us back into the woods, the meadows, and back to our car.
It was a beautiful and easy nature hike so close yet so completely removed from all the crowds and busyness of the Bay! We’ll be back!

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