Friday, August 29, 2014

Snowy Owl shows up at Singer Castle Wedding

Joanna Mills and Michael Treon
Photo credit: Tammy Kukula of Remember When Photography
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On a recent sunny Saturday afternoon Joanna Mills whose
family summers of Halfway Island and Michael Treon were
married surrounded by family and friends in a Rose
Garden Ceremony at Singer Castle. The ceremony was
followed by a catered reception on the Castle Green.

Snowy Owl on Dark Island
Photo by Scott Garris

Shortly after the bride arrived on Dark Island to
prepare for the ceremony a fisherman pulled up to the
dock and told castle staff that a large white bird was
on the ground near the west side of the island and we
were able to get pictures of the Snowy Owl there.

Snow Owl attends wedding at Singer Castle
Photo by Scott Garris

As soon as the wedding ceremony commenced the Snowy Owl
flew up and perched on the roof of the Squash Court
with a bird’s eye view of the proceedings. Then the
owl flew around the grounds to perch east of the
Pergola. It continued watching the festivities all
through the evening allowing staff and wedding guests
to take numerous photos as the day went on. As soon
as all of the wedding guests departed, the owl flew
away and has not been seen since.

The following morning Mike mentioned to castle staff
members that the Snowy Owl had been his late mother's
favorite bird.
      ---Jean Papke, Administrative Assistant, Dark Island