Friday, August 29, 2014

NEW MOVIE BEING FILMED AT SINGER CASTLE on Dark Island in the 1000 Islands

Jonathan Dee (Director and co-writer) , Meg Wechter (Producer), 
and Diana Golts (Co-Producer) on location at Dark Island.
Photo by permission from Jonathan Dee.

The Columbia University film crew is filming a new movie on location at Singer Castle. The movie is titled "The Year I Grew An Inch" and the film's setting is a French castle during WW2. 

WWNY 7 News reports: 
"'It's the story of a young boy who is trying to get in the resistance to fight against the evil Nazis,' said Ferran Mendoza Soler, assistant director. In the movie, a young boy falls in love with the daughter of a Nazi who owns a castle in France. In reality, the castle is actually Singer Castle on Dark Island on the St. Lawrence River. ... 'It's great having them here because it gives exposure not only to us, but to the region and the Thousand Islands,' said Thomas Weldon of Dark Island Tours. ... The movie will be shown at the Columbia Film Festival in 2015."

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