Monday, September 24, 2012

Dispatch direct from Singer Castle regarding "The Great Escape" show on Dark Island.

The Great Escape???

A little over a year ago the area was abuzz.  Emmy Award winning producer of “The Amazing Race,” Bertram Van Munster and Academy Award winning producer Ron Howard were going to film a pilot for a new reality adventure series at Singer Castle.  Many local people worked to bring the production to the area and many others participated in preproduction activities. They provided housing, food, transportation, artwork, construction work and support for the production crews who labored almost around the clock for two weeks just to set the scene.  Local volunteers participated in a trial run through of the escape and many others assisted during the over five hours of filming beginning at midnight on a cool and rainy night.  Those of us who live close to the castle enjoyed the beautiful sight of the castle on Dark Island all aglow with the hundreds of lights.  We could imagine how beautiful the castle was when the Bourne family came in the early 1900s and we wanted the whole world to have an opportunity to see our special place.  

Nine months later, “The Great Escape” premiered on TNT with an episode filmed at Alcatraz. When would the episode filmed at Singer Castle air?  It didn’t appear on the schedule, maybe next week.  We were greatly disappointed when the first season of “The Great Escape” ended without the Singer Castle episode being featured on the Sunday evening program.  Surely we were more interesting than the sewers below the City of Los Angeles.  All of us wanted to see the end result of the hard work.    

Well, we have great news for those of you who have been waiting to see the escape from Singer Castle.  Profiles TV and TNT have made one copy of the pilot episode available to Singer Castle.  While we are not allowed to duplicate it or post it on the internet, you will have an opportunity to view the show on Saturday, October 20th [2012]. A boat will depart from the Uncle Sam Boat Tours dock in Alexandria Bay at noon and cruise down river to Singer Castle.  During the cruise the episode will be shown and upon arrival at the castle you will have an opportunity to tour the castle and see where the production took place.  Tickets for this reservation only special event will cost $25 each and will be available by calling Singer Castle at 315-324-3275.  

[This entire announcement above was received directly from Singer Castle on Dark Island.]