Sunday, September 25, 2011

Singer Castle Mystery Revealed!

Singer Castle photos (above and below) by Ian Coristine (of showing special lighting for filming. (Copyrighted and used here by his permission). Click on each photo to see them larger. Outstanding photos.

Above: Ron Howard, one of the producers of the show. Some of his crew stayed at the Riveredge Hotel in Alexandria Bay.
Singer Castle on Dark Island of the Thousand Islands recently came alive with the buzzing of helicopters, boats, massive spot lights, and film crews. Residents were perplexed  as Dark Island's tight-lipped crew held this closely guarded secret. Homeland Security was notified in advance so swat teams would not mistakenly come to the rescue.

Top entertainment executives and up to 100 people at a time were on Dark Island over a period of two weeks, but planning had gone on for months. The project was for filming a pilot program for a reality series called The Great Escape. The show should air between 3 to 6 months from now. Stay tuned to this blog, as I will let you know well in advance for the exact show time.

The Thousand Island Sun summed it up nicely:
"The six contestants had flown from California to Syracuse and were driven to the Edgewood Resort blindfolded. They were sequestered at the hotel, without phones, so that they did not know their exact location. Food was brought in to them from local restaurants. Meanwhile, the five story castle underwent many changes with the help of engineers, builders and local workers. ... The contestants had to find their way through various passageways and floors of the castle, solving puzzles along the way. Their challenge even included having to swim underwater through one of the boathouses, which was purposely over-filled with fish."

The Recorder and Times (Brockville, Ontario, Canada) reported that this brought in an estimated $100,000 into the local community, and that does not even include the major upgrades to the castle itself! They report that future tours of the castle will be expanded to even the secret passageways and that the castle gets to keep the props left from the show. The beloved local Boldt Castle was also in the running to host the filming event, but Dark Island won out because of the secret passageways.

[Post Script: After this blog came out last night, this morning I also find an excellent story by the Watertown Times Daily. Be sure to see that article also!]

Singer Castle on Dark Island is surely a destination point you will want to make. Stay posted to this blog for more hot news stories from the 1,000 Islands!