Sunday, August 5, 2012

The Great Escape TV Series: Singer Castle episode date still unknown.

8/9/12 Updated information.
I have promised to keep the readers of this blog on the cutting edge of information. I had received lists of all the shows for the Great Escape for this season. As a matter of logical deduction, it appeared that The Great Escape show featuring Singer Castle would probably be aired in the latter part of this month. I strongly cautioned with great emphasis that the date was only tentative and not confirmed. Alas though, I have just received information that this date will not be featuring our beloved Dark Island. It has been a real guessing game for all of us. Even the respected YNN cable news reported that this show "should air sometime in July" (which did not pan out). So we are still all in the dark on this mystery (pun intended). Watch this blog for further updates. As always, we will stay on the cutting edge and let you know what is happening when we know it. Thank you for staying tuned.