Thursday, August 30, 2012

Surprise book signing Saturday at Singer Castle on Dark Island!

Tom Weldon: President of Singer Castle on the left; Bob and Patty on the right.
Photo from one of our previous signing events on Dark Island.

Surprise, we (Robert and Patty Mondore) will be at Singer Castle on Dark Island this Saturday, September 1, 2012 from afternoon to 4:00 pm  autographing copies of our book, Singer Castle Revisted. Patty will also have her wildly popular new inspirational book River Reflections. Of course, Dark Island's Castle of Mysteries (DVD) and the book River-Lations (as well as other works) will be on hand too!  Mention that you saw this blog and you will receive a great gift from us with the purchase of any book or DVD with our name on it from their souvenier shop while we are present. While supplies last, I have Flash Drives, baseball style hats, tote bags, toy knights, and more ready to be given away for free! See you Saturday.

I don't mean to leave anyone out. I know going to Dark Island isn't like going to your local Walmart. So if you aren't in the area, drop me an email so I can get you in on the goodies!