Thursday, November 25, 2010

Exclusive Report - A Thanksgiving special Day in Upstate New York

This report is off-topic, but I have an exclusive on it and it needs to be told. It is Thanksgiving Day and The Father's Heart Ministries in Syracuse NY (quarterbacked by Pastor James Gebhardt) has done an amazing thing. He opened his ministry to the feeding of hundreds of the less fortunate and poor. And right there in the midst of those doing the yeoman's work of serving the destitute were members from the Syracuse Police Department. May I share some of my photos from this incredible event? Click on the photos to see them larger.

Syracuse Police Officer Al Thompson serving the poor.
Some of the hundreds receiving a full Thanksgiving meal with all the trimmings and dessert.
Pastor James Gebhardt, the man behind The Father's Heart Ministries.
Musical message: Tracey Dubuc (left), Minji Cho, and Patty Mondore (right).
Syracuse Police mixing with the crowd.
Giving thanks on Thanksgiving.
Paul Sofranko (right) hard at work helping the less fortunate. His wife, Linda (not shown), was a major organizer for this event.
Volunteer Joe Pfohl with Pastor James Gebhardt.
More of Syracuse's finest, volunteering to help the poor.
Servants of the less fortunate.
James Pannafino, also on the front lines of helping.
Medical Student, Minji Cho, sharing her musical talents with the less fortunate.
Peace Warrior. Officer Al Thompson. This is such a great shot!

There were many others too, non-police as well as police, serving others on this Thanksgiving Day. This was a wonderful thing that these folks have done. So I am happy to give you this exclusive report so you can be aware of this awesome event in this area.