Tuesday, August 3, 2010

We have a photo winner! The Ship Watcher blog has named the winner.

Mike Folsom's The Ship Watcher blog has announced his winner for the Singer Castle/Ship combination photo. The winner is Randall King of Avon, NY, and he will receive the all new book, Singer Castle Revisited, donated by yours truly at Gold-Mountain.com. Mike Folsom sponsored and hosted the contest on his stellar site aptly named TheShipWatcher.com. The contest, which ran all of last month, was for the best photo taken of a ship passing by Singer Castle on Dark Island. Be sure to click on the above photo to see it larger. It is a wonderful shot that looks very artistic. If you have any interest in ships, Mike's blog is the place to be! Congratulations to Randall King. Enjoy your prize! Singer Castle Revisited is published by Arcadia Publishing.