Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Landmark Society Visits Landmark...Singer Castle on Dark Island

On a recent breezy August morning, twenty-three intrepid members of the Thousand Island Park Landmark Society boarded two classic craft from the Antique Boat Museum (Clayton, NY) for a cruise from the town dock in Thousand Island Park down river to Singer Castle on Dark Island.

Seventeen passengers were aboard the “Zipper” a 1930s style 41’ Commuter that was captained by Frank Beadle and six were aboard the “Gadfly” an original 1931 Hutchinson Boat Works 33’ Sedan captained by David Dodge. The group’s arrival at the castle appeared much like a scene from the early 1900s. (See photo above, taken by the Castle's own caretaker, Scott Garris. Click on the photo to see it larger.)

Once on Dark Island, the Landmark Society members enjoyed a picnic lunch in Singer Castle’s historic Rose Garden where they listened to a talk by Kathleen Murphy, an expert in historic plantings, who designed and replanted the castle’s Rose Garden in 2006. Following lunch Judy Keeler, Singer Castle Historian, escorted them on a tour of the castle. They then braved the increasing waves to return to their own historic homes in Thousand Island Park.

News directly received from Dark Island's Jean Papke, Administrative Assistant to the President, Tom Weldon.