Sunday, August 16, 2015

The Macsherry Trail and the philanthropists behind it.

Bob Mondore hiking the Macsherry Trail.
(Click on photo to see it larger.)

More than once Bob and Patty Mondore have hiked the beautiful gem of a trail located in the 1,000 Islands called the Macsherry Trail. The story behind the trail leads to another beautiful 1000 Islands gem. Patty has written a wonderful article about the Macsherry family (Richard and Mary, et al) which has just been published in the Thousand Islands Life online magazine: 

No need to reinvent the wheel here. So without further ado, please click on the above link to read the article for a fascinating message, complete with pictures of the trail and the philanthropists behind it and so much more! 

Patty Mondore analyzes the root cause of the Macsherry trail.