Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Taking the Gold, by M.A. Noble - Exciting new book with Singer Castle as its setting.

Author M.A. Noble presenting Singer Castle president Tom Weldon with her new book, Taking the Gold. Set on a tall ship, the plot culminates with numerous scenes in Singer Castle.

Maybe you know about Singer Castle’s hidden levers and secret passages. Maybe you know the manicured north lawn hides tons of imported topsoil. But have you ever wondered what that dirt conceals? Have you heard claims of a ghost that stalks the grounds on full-moonlit nights?

Fact blends with fiction in M. A. Noble’s novel Taking the Gold, set on a tall ship returning to the 1000 Islands. The author, also known as Margaret (Mag) Hockett, fell in love with the castle as a young woman employed by Dr. and Mrs. Harold Martin in the 70s to do housecleaning.

“Every detail of this replica of an old English castle and its island setting arouses a sense of romance, mystery, and magic. I was thrilled when Tom Weldon invited me to revisit the castle. I learned things I never knew as I dusted and vacuumed each room.”

Margaret worked for several educational publishers in California before returning to the North Country. She now writes novels, nonfiction, and lyrics. In her first novel, Taking Hart, also set in the Islands, teenaged Corey Worder solved the mystery of his War-of-1812 ancestry and his mother’s disappearance. Now, in Taking the Gold, he must set sail to face his father. As they race to find the British gold, an SOS from Singer Castle means Corey must forfeit the treasure. Or does it? The castle holds more secrets than anyone could have guessed.