Friday, July 25, 2014

Singer Castle Displays Wood Carvings by carver Clifford Yates

Cliff Yates and his latest carvings.

A new collection of wood carvings by noted carver Cliff Yates is on display in the Gift Shop at Singer Castle on Dark Island in the 1000 Islands.  Cliff and his wife NeNe have spent their summers on Elm Tree Island in Chippewa Bay for the past fifty-nine years.  He is a self-taught woodcarver who specializes in birds, fish and wildlife.  In 1997 after a serious stroke left Cliff partially paralyzed and unable to use his left hand, he was unwilling to give up carving. Cliff underwent extensive physical therapy and worked until he was able to walk, talk and carve again.  The new collection shows how well he has succeeded in developing his art.
 ---Jean Papke, Administrative Assistant, Singer Castle