Friday, August 9, 2013

1000 Islands RiverQuest by Helicopter

This is a 3-minute sampling of the finest video ever captured of the 1000 Islands region. It was made possible thanks to Singer Castle's Tom Weldon and (Captain) RiverQuest's Lyne Roberge who raised the $100K budget with several visionary RiverQuest partners when our Aquatarium's budget proved insufficient. Doug McLellan, CEO of McLellan Group and creator of our iPad eBook "One in a Thousand" was the creative director aboard a twin-turbine Eurocopter that usually shoots gigs like The Amazing Race and the Superbowl. A $700K Red EPIC 4K HD remote controlled camera with a Gyron stabilizer (one of only two such setups in the world) were the final ingredients to finally do justice to this most amazing place. Enjoy!
---Ian Coristine, One In a Thousand