Monday, June 3, 2013


Tall Ship: Pride of Baltimore II 

Clayton, New York (June 3, 2013) – Michael Folsom, organizer of the popular Clayton summer festival Sailing Seaway Clayton presented by Caskinette’s Lofink Ford, has already announced the return of tall ship Lynx, Clayton’s adopted tall ship, as well as a first-time visit by the 203-foot Empire Sandy. However, the Sailing Seaway Clayton festival just grew by 157 more feet as the Pride of Baltimore II is expected to come to town June 12-13.

The Sailing Seaway Clayton festival reached a record-high attendance in 2012 with more than 11,000 people passing through Frink Park in downtown Clayton to view tall ship Fair Jeanne and the Seaway Splash competition. Now, the Thousand Islands Regional Dock in Clayton will be graced by three tall ships at once for the first-time ever and are expected to draw an even larger crowd. The fleet will arrive in the late morning of Wednesday, June 12, close to noon.

Deck tours will be available aboard Lynx and Empire Sandy, while Pride of Baltimore II will be available for viewing from the dock (subject to change). Each ship may have deck tour fees unrelated to the free festival. In addition, Lynx will conduct 2-hour sailing excursions beginning on Thursday and running through Sunday evening. Some excursions are nearing sell out status, which was the case in 2011 when the ship last visited and sold out all excursions prior to arriving in Clayton. To book an excursion visit
Sailing Seaway Clayton presented by Caskinette’s Lofink Ford will kick-off on June 12 and run through June 16 and feature tall ships, live music, vendors, and Seaway Splash presented by TIMIS, Inc., the world famous DockDogs competition.

                             Empire Sandy                         Lynx                 Pride of Baltimore II
Mast Height              116’                                        94’                         107’                       
Sparred Length        203’                                        122’                       157’
Sail Span                 N/A                                       4,669 sq ft             10,442 sq ft.     
For more information on Sailing Seaway Clayton, visit or for information on DockDogs or to register for the event, visit