Monday, January 14, 2013

Frederick G. Bourne history in the Thousand Islands Life

Frederick G. Bourne 
Photo © courtesy of Kenneth B. Hard, grandson of F.G. Bourne

Patty Mondore has written a fascinating article (in the Thousand Islands Life) giving us some major glimpses into the stellar life of Frederick G. Bourne. He is the man of impeccable character who had Singer Castle (formerly known as the Towers and then Jorstadt Castle) on Dark Island built. The castle is now a popular sightseeing and vacation destination spot.

So without further ado, please proceed through this link to view this must-see inspirational article: Frederick G. Bourne and The Things That Matter Most - Thousand Islands

Bob and Patty Mondore wrote the book (actually two) on Singer Castle, and produced the video documentary too.