Sunday, April 1, 2012

Subterranean Tours coming for Singer Castle?

We have it here first! Rumors from high places have been leaked regarding subterranean tours to be added to Dark Island's available roster of tours. If approved, this will go even below the secret undergound passageways.  Advice is being procured from several proven sources, including the Palawan model...

To implement it, however, will require controversial cutting edge technology which is being perfected by ® as can be seen directly on their website (you must see this, amazing!)...

It remains to be seen whether it can be made cost effective in the 1000 Islands' short season of warm weather. Also, there are expected to be some objections by environmental groups. Stay tuned here for important updates.

Log Date: 4/1/12

[ 4/2/12 Update: April 1st is called what day? Here is the Wall Street Journal's list of best April Fools Day web jokes...WSJ ]