Saturday, January 15, 2011

Harrowing tale of man & car crashing through ice on way to Singer Castle in winter!

The Thousand Islands Life (.com) just published a harrowing true story of a man & car crashing through the St. Lawrence River ice on the way over the river to Singer Castle in the winter time!

Amazingly still alive, this story is told by the driver himself  in incredible dramatic fashion. You will definitely want to read this story! Dan Denney, the author of the story (and the driver of the car) actually broke through the the frozen river with the car plunging to the bottom while he was trapped under the ice. Dan Denney once worked with WPBS-TV (Watertown, NY), as well as with the famous artist Michael Ringer, and has a long list of other wonderful credits to his name.

I won't give away the details of the story (it is too fascinating for that), so just go ahead and click on the direct link to the story: Through the Ice - A Tale of Survival.

Below is a picture of Singer Castle in the wintertime, sent to me by the castle's caretaker, Scott Garris. Click on it to see it larger.