Sunday, July 4, 2010

Breaking News near Dark Island - Ship ran aground!

a I got the breaking news tip of the day direct from the President (Tom Weldon) of Singer Castle on Dark Island that a large ship ran aground just down river at Chippewa Bay, NY. The ship (named the Algobay) was hauling corn to Canada on the St. Lawrence River. Click on the picture to see it larger. There appears to be no danger of oil leaks or injuries. It is also outside of the shipping lane, so all is clear to the castle. The above photo courtesy of Paul and Lillian Cooledge of 1000 Island Images taken at the scene. They were lowering a lifeboat to assess the damage. I drove up Route 12 with Patty to spot the ship ourselves from the road. (Not recommended to do that, as it is hard to spot through the tree line, and you need to know exactly where to look.) As a bit of coincidental trivia, Corn Island, a Canadian island once owned also by Commodore Frederick G. Bourne along with Dark Island, is not very far from this corn laden vessel headed for a Canadian port.

7/5/10 Update: For the latest news on ships in the 1000 Islands, check out our friend, Mike Folsom, at The Ship Watcher ( Unsurpassed reporting on the vessels going through the St. Lawrence River.