Saturday, May 1, 2010

Thousand Islands Life / Singer Castle Revisited © book

Clearly the most impressive magazine related to the Thousand Islands is appropriately named: Thousand Islands life, and even more amazing is that you can view it for! If you have not discovered it yet, it is released monthy on the web and it is filled with Thousand Islands topics and beautiful pictures.

The most recent issue has a picture packed, fascinating synopsis of our brand new Singer Castle Revisited © book, soon to be released (May 31, 2010). This information-rich article is by our own award-winning author, Patty Mondore. This is a must see article for 1000 Islands (St. Lawrence River) aficionados.

Singer Castle Revisited © is all new and contains not a single repeat picture from our first Singer Castle book (both books are from the renown Arcadia Publishing company). You can also find out more about the book and our other productions at our website. See my previous blog for the Thousand Islands Sun (Alexandria Bay, NY) newspaper account.