Saturday, January 30, 2010

Frederick G. Bourne antique clock on eBay

I have found on eBay an antique French clock for sale that was owned by Commodore Frederick G. Bourne (original owner and builder of Singer Castle on Dark Island). It is being listed for one week, but can sell at any time through the first bid of $2,600 on eBay's Buy-It-Now feature (hey, it's free shipping!). These pictures are from the auction page. Click on photos to see enlarged. (Please note that I do not know anything about the auction seller or the clock, but am posting it for the related topic news and Bourne aficionados). The owners of Singer Castle are not interested in purchasing it as it was not known to be a part of Singer Castle itself. The auction says it is an early 1900s marble and bronze clock that still works and was made for the company Black, Starr & Frost. (2/1/10 Update: The auction has now added a Make-Offer button and the Buy-It-Now price is reduced to $2,300). (2/6/10 Update: The clock did sell yesterday for $1,590).