Sunday, October 11, 2009

1906 film with Frederick G. Bourne & family on Dark Island

Some time ago (on 8/8/09) I blogged about a direct link to a Boldt Castle video at the official Boldt Castle website. It is only fitting that I now include a direct link to a Singer Castle "antique" video direct from the official Singer Castle website.

They explain the video as a: "Short film from 1906 showing the proud Fredrick G. Bourne and his family visiting their castle on Dark Island for the first time. This piece of rare footage features Singer Castle (known then as 'The Towers') and its grounds as well as images of the island and castle from the water."

It runs for 6 minutes and it is a silent film. Very interesting for those who love the history of the Thousand Islands and Dark Island in particular. Kick back and enjoy! (Click on the picture above, or on the words "direct link".)