Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Morrisania's last trip, shutting down forever.

The antique wooden boat called the Morrisania (from Morristown, NY) built in 1923 will be making its last run this Saturday, 9/19/09 to Singer Castle on Dark Island (or for a shore dinner, or a twilight cruise at Josephine's Marina and Bistro). The Morristown Boat Lines running the only antique tour boat in the Thousand Islands will completely cease all tour operations.

The Watertown Daily Times reports that manager Ron Wright attributes its closing down due to "The high cost of doing business today ... Also, the high cost of insurance, inspection fees, government regulations, drug tests, docking and storage." The article continues "He said this season was a 'good year considering the poor weather in July and the slow economy.'"

To see a news video clip of the Morrisania, click on this link... WWNY (7 NEWS, Watertown).

You must call ahead to the Morristown Boat Lines for reservations to catch a last ride on this antique beauty...315-375-8213. See my earlier blog for other boat tour information for getting to Singer Castle and Boldt Castle, as well as other destination points in the 1000 islands.

Disclaimer: This blog has no affiliation with Singer Castle or Boldt Castle or the boat lines. Absolutely check out all things with the primary parties before making any plans, decisions or actions.