Friday, August 14, 2009

New book inspired by Thousand Islands' Boldt Castle

The Castle on Deadman's Island is authored by Canadian author Curtis Parkinson who has roots in the Thousand Islands. Written for young adults, the author states that his book (fiction) was inspired by Boldt Castle. As the book gets into secret passageways I imagine Singer Castle on Dark Island also had some influence on the storyline. The cover picture even has a startling similarity to Singer Castle secret passageway entrances that I have passed through myself (click on the above picture to see it larger). I have not read the book, but in trying to keep my fellow 1000 Islands castle aficionados up to date I am blogging about it here.

When the owner of the castle on Deadman’s Island dies, his bizarre will leaves it to three of his friends who hate each other. Product description calls it an excellent new mystery that involves an eccentric millionaire, a woman’s disappearance, a towering castle, a secret tunnel and much more make this a compelling read.

The Kingston Whig Standard reports: “’I like setting the book in the early '40s when I was a young teenager,’ says Parkinson. ‘Canada was coming out of the Great Depression and everything was changing. The war was going on but in Canada we remained relatively innocent. And because a lot of women were out working, teenagers had a lot of freedom. And the Thousand Islands Bridge had just been built.’ In the book, Graham's Aunt Henrietta has just inherited one-third of a castle in the Thousand Islands. Unfortunately the two other beneficiaries have an intense dislike of her. When she goes missing, Graham suspects foul play. He recruits his friends and soon they are tramping around the castle -- at night of course when it's creepier -- discovering clues and secret passages and, of course, criminal activity.”

The book is available from It is also reported to be available in Kingston (Canada) at Chapters, 2376 Princess St., Indigo Books, 259 Princess St., and Novel Idea, 156 Princess St. (This blogger has no ties to this book).