Friday, July 3, 2009

Dark Island's Buoys property in Alexandria Bay NY

As blogged here earlier last week (July 20; see also April 25, 2009), Singer's Castle's newly acquired Buoys Restaurant in Alexandria Bay NY is now occupied by a new tenant. It does not have Singer Castle souvenirs as was originally thought. The new business owner states that she has contracted throughout this season with Dark Island to carry her wares. If you need a plush toy for a child, Tiny Tots toys is the place to go! It is filled with many well known brands. In addition, they also carry new and "gently used" clothes for kids.

You need to check out the beautiful new Singer Castle signs located on the front and left sides of the building. I know the Village Board has been vigorously debating about sign regulations in the town recently, but these are not just advertising signs, these are works of art! You must see them. They are an asset to the town. Location: 34 James Street. (Click on the above picture to get a better view of one of the signs.)