Saturday, May 16, 2009

Great Lake Swimmers

Some of the biggest buzz in music news blogs is about the Canadian folk/rock band called the Great Lake Swimmers. Apparently our friend, Ian Coristine (renown 1000 Islands photographer and writer), coaxed the group to the Thousand Islands area which in turn inspired them to a new album called Lost Channels. What is interesting to readers of this blog is that they recorded for their album the famous rich sounds of Singer Castle's Westminster Chimes from its 5-story clock tower. (Of course, we beat them by several years. Gold-Mountain was the first in over 100 years to release the sounds to the public in its Dark Island's Castle of Mysteries documentary. The rich sounds are also found in our newly-released award winning Thousand Islands themed music video called River-Lations. But I digress.)

In an interview with CBC Radio 3 (Canada), Tony Dekker, lead singer of the band, revealed his best and worst moments in the Thousand Islands. His favorite moment: "Recording in Singer Castle on Dark Island." His least favorite moment: "Getting up at 6 a.m. in order to catch the boat to go to Singer Castle on Dark Island." (For those of you potential visitors of Singer Castle: Do not fear, there are boats that make the cruise much later!)

Just as I was going to press on this, the Thousand Islands Life (a free but very high class, exquisite online magazine) came out with an article by Ian Coristine with more details about the band.